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Start your child鈥檚
story 听听听听听听with us.

In our 听听听听听 award-winning SM捆绑 nurseries, children鈥檚 own stories begin to unfold. It鈥檚 a journey of learning and discovery, where curiosity and creativity meet and childhood is cherished.聽

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Every child has a different story to tell

At SM捆绑 we understand that every child is different with their own individual story which we help shape and nurture.

Begin your child's story
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Reaching their potential

Our early years educators bring their knowledge and experience to every child and family, helping children reach their full potential and discover a love of learning.

Express your interest
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Learning their way

We understand the role each child needs us to play in their story.

Our learning approaches are responsive to the differences in every child, and ensure children learn in a way that鈥檚 right for them.

Their next chapter
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Every child 鈥 your child included 鈥 deserves somewhere they can learn and grow. A place in which they can explore and develop what makes them special. If you want to make the most of your child鈥檚 precious early years, join us and experience our wonderful combination of individualised learning and purposeful play.聽

Begin their story with SM捆绑

Everything we do within our growing group is about allowing children鈥檚 stories to聽听听听聽 聽聽聽grow and develop with richness and purpose.

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We鈥檝e blended the Early Years Foundation Stage with our own SM捆绑 approach to curriculum and have created learning environments that capture children鈥檚 imaginations, get them exploring and deepen their understanding of the world around them.

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The environment

Everywhere possible we use beautiful natural materials, encourage recycling and sustainability and spend dedicated time in our outdoor play spaces to connect children with the environmental values at the heart of all we do.

More on the SM捆绑 way
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We鈥檙e serious about healthy and delicious food.

We use our mealtimes as an opportunity to get your child observing, thinking, talking 鈥 and starting to learn about where all that fun and healthy food comes from.

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