The opening of our new Preschool Building in Widnes

April 29, 2022
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Recently our nursery in Widnes proudly opened a new pre-school unit offering over 50 additional childcare places for local families.

Wilmere Lane Nursery & Pre-school, have adopted which promotes the use of natural resources to support the development of children’s imagination. The Nursery Manager, Lynne Billington says:

“We want to provide an environment that inspires awe and wonder in each and every child we care for, and our new Pre School room certainly does that. We put a lot of thought in to the layout of the environment as well as the resources. The children are able to use real china plates and porcelain dolls in their play, as well as an old typewriter and an overhead projector! This encourages the children to be curious and their play to be open ended and not pre-determined. We are very proud of the end result!"
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